Ways of Exporting Email Addresses from WordPress Comments

Lately people had confusion if it was possible to export comment author emails in WordPress? As email address is a needed field on most WordPress powered websites employing the default commenting system, it is certainly possible. In this article we will explain you how to export email addresses from WordPress comments. This solution will also work if you require exporting email addresses of all registered users.

Exporting emails from comments using plugins:

Exporting emails from comments on the posts on WordPress blogs are not easy but there are plugins to do it. Export Emails plugin is really good for this task. Initial thing you need to do is set up and get along the Export Emails plugin. Once activated, you must go to Tools » Export Emails. This is where you are allowed to export the listing of commenter email addresses. That way you can employ a more refined mailing list or autoresponder system to converse with the people involved in your website.You will see two boxes on Export Emails page.

          - The first box has email addresses of the entire registered users on your WordPress website.

          - The second box contains email addresses of all users who left a comment on your website.

For saving this list, all you require is right clicking inside the commenters’ emails box and select copy. After that open a plain text editor like Notepad and paste the email addresses. You can save this as a CSV or text file.

You can also save email addresses in Google spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel.

Bringing in Comment Authors Emails in your Email List                       

Creating an email list is the most lucrative marketing tool for any website. Most accepted email service providers such as MailChimp and AWeber provide a way to import email addresses into your email list. We will explain you how to do that in MailChimp. Other email service providers have related tools to import email addresses from a CSV or txt file.

          - First you require signing into your MailChimp account and open your email list.

          - After that click on Add subscribers and then select Import Subscribers from the drop down menu.

Just select CSV or TXT file on the next screen and upload your text file to MailChimp.

That’s all, Mail Chimp will import the email addresses to your list. You must have user’s consent before you add them to your email list. It is suggested that you ask the users to double opt-in.

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