Top 7 Guidelines to Make your Mobile Website User-Friendly

With audiences choosing the mobile for nearly every task, businesses have recognized that their websites must be mobile compatible. The small screen pace of mobile website requires being attention seeking in order to be pleasing enough for customers.

It is predicted that by the end of 2014, 1.75 billion people across the world will be often making use of a smartphone. And those millions of users are not just employing mobile devices to make calls and text messages and emails but are using their mobile devices to connect with their social networks, browse the internet for information and news, shop and make purchases.

Hence, it is very important to have a mobile website that can take you long way in attaining more traffic and making your website user-friendly. The below 7 recommendations are simple yet provides great ways to build a user-friendly version of your websites for mobile phone users.

1. Great Pace Equals Great User-Experience                                       

These days Internet is accessible on mobile phones but one thing that frustrates user is the speed it takes to load web pages. Though it counts on the Internet speed but it also rely on your website. Flash websites require 3G Internet speed to open or stream, and other poorly optimized websites are also difficult to browse over the mobile phone. So it is significant to design mobile friendly website and provide them with easy to read material in bullet points rather than in paragraph.

2. Make use of Redirects Code

Every time a user access your website on a mobile phone then a redirect code gets started and takes the person to mobile friendly version of your website. Thus it is significant for the developer to apply this code so that the users get best of the web experience. In addition, it is vital to bear in mind that we need to give an alternative for the users whether he wants to go back to the desktop version or wants to continue with the mobile version. Giving the liberty and flexibility is the key to keep users returning for more.

3. Colours of Victory

Mobile phone screens are smaller than desktop screen and thus the mobile version of your website must have user-friendly colours in the layout plus text. The text must be easy to read even in bright light or dim light. The 3D effects for buttons provide it a raised look making it simpler for the users to realise and employing colours to show button priority adds to the benefit for the users. The design colour and text must be able to read it without zooming or pinching.

4. Smooth and Perfect User-Experience                           

Users are constantly in a hurry and they need the data they are seeking right away. So it is up to us how we do it and give them flawless experience. Offering them online tools such as an option to save well-liked and commonly used searches and shopping cart is a great way to help them obtain what they need. Providing them easy access to key features such as pricing and comparison also aids to get the right information.

5. Convenience and Compatibility

With technology varying each day it is essential for your mobile website to be future protected and must be friendly across all mobile devices. The other vital thing that you need to consider is making your website available by getting new substitute for the former technology like substituting flash with good images, use of HTML5 to build interacting websites without compromising on its performance.

6. Rule of Thumb           

Users use thumb to run their mobile devices as it is suitable and user friendly. So designing your website which can be simply interacted with making use of thumb can work to your benefit. To make this an achievement one has to employ large and block line buttons, with apt spacing so that there is no unintentional clicks happens at the time of browsing. Tactically placing categories of services and products to glance through with the help of thumb will also work to your benefit.

7. Navigation

Keeping the navigation to minimum saves time of the users and provides them loads of data. The 3 click policy is the means to go it is easy and extremely effective. Keeping the scrolling to vertical and keeping away from rollovers is important. Having a search box, following an evidently defined hierarchy in menus, and keeping fewer links in a page greatly helps in navigation.

So by employing the suggestions mention here you can certainly get a good start in the building of better mobile friendly website. Just bear in mind the rate at which people are taking smartphones, very soon it will outnumber desktops and thus it is something no one can overlook for long.

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