Top 5 Advantages of Using a Software Framework

Have you ever heard the conversation between two programmers who used to work in different languages? They talk about lots of things including which language is better and which is not so cool for programming.

In not-so-distant past programmers used to discuss the reasons why they prefer a particular coding language.  But things have changed a lot since then; now the discussion is shifting more towards the frameworks than languages. 

So what are the software frameworks?                        

A software framework is a tool which helps programmers to make a specific application and or software by providing generic functionality. It can always be customized by writing additional codes. It provides a reusable and universal software environment for the development of specific products and solutions.

Some might get confused between software frameworks and object-oriented software libraries.  But there is a significant difference between a software library and a framework. For making an application using a software library, you have to implement objects and methods by invoking them via the application. It means you must know which methods to call and which object to initiate in order to achieve your desired results by using a library. On the other hand, framework defines the flow of control for the application. It means you have to implement object and methods which are custom to your application and they are invoked and instantiated by the framework.  

Software Framework can be better understood by this simple analogy.  It’s like building a house. Every house has some basic structure and elements like Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, Doors, and Plumbing & Electrical systems. Almost all houses need these elements but specific details about these elements make every house different. From a number of windows to electrical switches it all depends on specific details to make a house unique.

A software framework is the same for the software as essential elements for the houses. These software frameworks provide essential elements like floor, wall, ceilings and switches but its programmers who add the details for these elements. In other words, a software framework is like building a modular house and allowing the homeowner to customize it according to individual needs.

Benefits of using Software Frameworks

The best thing about a software framework is in the fact that it helps the project to get off the ground from the beginning because you can use pre-written codes for the standard functions.

Here are the main advantages of using a software framework:

  1. Fewer Resources Needed: Generally, Framework’s code is well optimized, so it requires less code writing than if programmer creates those functions from scratch.  Less code writing obviously means less resource usage.
  2. Takes Less Time to Complete the Product: While using frameworks developers don’t need to spend time writing basic function’s code, so they can dedicate their time to additional things and codes. It results to complete the development of software in less time.
  3. Improved Coding: Frameworks are known for better coding standards. It helps in improving efficiency and accuracy of code. Testing is also easier with frameworks.
  4. Better Code Interoperability: Codes developed with frameworks are more flexible in terms of devices on which they can be used. Frameworks are pre-optimized for all probable devices and it helps the codes to adopt the environment easily.
  5. Easier Updating: It’s a well-known fact that software products generally need to be updated from time to time. Updating software is essential for their robustness. When software is made using frameworks, it’s super easy to update the codes.  

There can be a lot of advantages of using a framework for the development of software, but the faster time to complete and easiness of uses are possibly the most fascinating. There are lots of software frameworks available in the market but you need to choose it carefully to avoid any complexity and possible disadvantages.

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