Your App Idea Will Not Be Bad Anymore

11 June 2015

Sydney: Today, in the world of mobile apps, we have apps for almost everything. Still people are trying hard to come up with some new concept that makes a great app. But coming up with some new ideas is not that easy. Even if you come up with some idea, there will be lots of other similar applications. Though the concept seems to be original, the idea might not be viable in the market. No matter how original is our app; if the users are not willing to download it, it’s certainly a bad idea.

‘Bad idea’ is actually a wrong term to call. Because your idea might be a brilliant one but it may fail to make a good app. While your initial thought is good, the thought of investing money, time and turning that thought into an app that doesn’t bring the return on investment is said to be a bad idea. So before the things go too far, just check for following things and your idea will never be bad!

1. Check whether the app offers some value to the market

Even if the app idea is original, novel and neat, the app would not make any sound in the market if it doesn’t offer any value to the target audience. The app might seem interesting just to take a peek at, but they won’t be having a lasting appeal if they don’t save customer’s time and money or just make their life fun and easier.

2. Any corporate giants doing something similar to your app?

Sometimes, you might come up with a good idea but later realize that the tech giants are already doing something similar to it. If that is the case, make sure that at least one core feature of your app is highly innovative. If it’s not been done, the major corporation’s marketing will just crush your app before you say ‘start’. Also, if you are in the midway and some tech giant has reached there first, it’s better to turn around to a different direction rather than moving ahead in the same way.

3. Has it been done a million times?

Always be innovative in whatever you do. That’s the way you can avoid competition from several mammoths in the field. Likewise while deciding the concept of an app, go with the one which has not been touched by many or not been touched at all. Even if you have some clever twist in your app, it would be of no use if people don’t recognize it. You will just be one among the millions but nothing else.

4. Are your target audience huge and mobile friendly?

Having some niche audience is always good; but if they are very hollow, you won’t be left with people who are interested in downloading your app. Even if the target audience are pretty uncertain, consider adding a few features which gives your app a broader appeal. Also, try to know how mobile friendly your audience are. For instance, if you are planning to build a great app for kids, kids obviously will not be having authority to purchase apps. So instead of targeting the kids, target their parents and make them understand the benefits of your app for their kids.

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