What is WordPress 3.6 For Content Marketers?

8 August 2013

Sydney: WordPress 3.6 was created with bloggers in mind, and the features make blogging much simpler. They include:

  • A revamped revision browser
  • A built-in HTML5 media player for native audio and video embeds
  • Improved integration with Spotify, Rdio and SoundCloud
  • Improved auto-saving and post-locking    
  • A clean, modern Twenty Thirteen theme
  • An easier-to-use Menu Editor
  • Access to metadata through a new audio/video API
  • HTML5 markup for comments, search forms and comment lists
  • Revision filters with history for different post types

Suffice to say, it’s pretty cool, mainly for content marketers who have numerous people involved with one blog. The improved auto-save stores each post every 15 seconds and the post-locking features notifies a user when someone is working on a page and gives them the option to go back, preview the changes being made by the other user or take over the page. If the content marketer chooses to take over the page, the other user will be locked from making any changes to the post.

The revision section has also been enhanced and is easier to navigate. Users can scroll through each revision and spot the differences highlighted in green or red.

WordPress revised the main menu as well to make it more useful and visually pleasing. There is also a Twenty Thirteen theme designed particularly for bloggers. It is a one-column layout with cover art based on modern art.

The new native support for audio and video means that bloggers or content marketers no longer have to get through a third-party service or plug-in to optimize video or audio elements. WordPress also made it so that the uploaded audio or video files fill the metadata in the media library.

In general, this is a great update to use for any of your content marketing campaigns. WordPress is making an attempt to be friendlier to numerous users on the same account, and content marketers will have a much easier time posting and revising blog posts for themselves and their patrons.

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