What to Anticipate From the New WordPress

22 August 2013

Sydney: The blogging platform WordPress made the claim that its sites make up almost 20% of the Internet. That’s huge.

Power of the WordPress:

Speaking at a current WordCamp Conference in San Francisco, WordPress creator and Automattic founder Matt Mullenwerg discussed about the pace his flagship blogging platform has made since it was introduced in 2005. Writing for TNW, reporter Ken Yeung chronicles Mullenweg’s hour-long speech, which incorporates news of a program update (version 3.6) and a soon-to-come developer resource that could ultimately aid you build, manage and revise your association or personal blog using advanced mobile apps. Yeung also shares several astonishing stats about the achievement of WordPress, including the affirmation that nearly 20 % of the sites on the Internet make use of the platform. There were more than 46 million downloads of the program this year alone. If your organization uses WordPress to power its blog, it’s obviously not alone.

Times change:

Possibly it’s time your conference changed? Writing for BizBash, Mitra Sorrells lists 11 things you don’t want at your next conference. For example, if most of your attendees have mobile devices, you can reduce on the quantity of paper you use by bringing in a custom mobile app that attendees can access on their smartphones. “You can share all of this information via a mobile app or mobile-optimized website,” Sorrells suggests. “You may decide to keep a small supply of printed materials in case you have attendees without a smart device or if your site goes down.”

Passion project:

After a few public and questionable missteps, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told shareholders that the resurgent streaming video service has relocated itself as a “passion brand.” Netflix did what a lot of firms and organizations frequently fail to do after a mistake: be aware of its impact and pinpoint its competition, The Build Network staff writes for Inc.com. “We don’t and can’t compete on breadth with Comcast, Sky, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, or Google,” Hastings told shareholders in a letter. “We are not a generic ‘video’ company that streams all types of video such as news, user-generated, sports, music video, or reality. We are a movie and TV series network.” Hastings goes on to point out his competition by name. “The network that we think likely to be our biggest long-term competitor-for-content is HBO,” he said.

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