Real Estate SEO Software for Joomla Web Developers Now Obtainable to Agencies and Enterprise Organizations

18 June 2013


Sydney: Simon Landers of ARMERealty says that if patrons cannot find your real estate listings easily, you need real estate SEO software to surge in the rankings. Studies confirm that if your real estate website is not on the first page of results, your possibility of being seen falls. The further down the list your site is, the less probability your page has of ever being seen.

Mr. Landers continues, "People look for real estate in this day and age by typing words related to property types into a search engine bar. People looking for the same thing are generally going to type the same words. Understanding what these words are and how to use them effectively is what real estate SEO software does."

“It really does matter what someone searches for. Anyone running that search is going to use just a few words,” he said. “In real estate SEO software, those words are linked to the kind of house and the location of the house primarily.”

A most important part of real estate SEO software is IDX/MLS. At the same time, IDX/MLX is often the major problem. Most of the MLS are not designed with SEO in mind. Most real estate agents move towards the IDX/MLS from a print media viewpoint. They want to show a small picture of the house and the prominent traits, followed by agent contact and sometimes the price. Real estate SEO software move towards it from a SEO services viewpoint.

“All the internet cares about is SEO. When people go real estate shopping online, they don’t care who the agent is and don’t know how to use a search engine to shop for a house by how it looks. They are going to use two or three words to find homes,” Mr. Landers said. “It is unusual for those words to appear in the IDX/MLS. But if those few words don’t appear, neither will the listing. Our real estate SEO software makes sure they appear.”

ARME Realty gives proprietary real estate SEO software for real estate agents which makes the most of SEO and is easy to use. A real estate agent loads the required information and the software generates thousands of relevant, unique and highly targeted web pages that will bring 100-200 new pages to Google’s index each day, for months or even years.

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