Java on its Way to Become Universal Language for Cross-Platform App Development

1 December 2015

Sydney: A year ago, we were really excited about using Swift for multi-platform mobile app development. With lots of our developers launching the apps on iOS and Android, we saw the potential of Swift in serving as a base language for multi-platform app releases. 

We have also seen that the proof-of-concept Android calculator app was built by creating the compiler which could take the Swift code and transform it into Java code.

But as we have seen, lots of changes have happened since then; Apple made an announcement that Swift 2 is going to be an open source. Also, recently the leading cross-platform developer tools vendor Xamarin announced that it’s going to buy RoboVM- a technology that allows app developers to write apps in Java and deploy them on Android and iOS simultaneously which is really a great development.

Xamarin – A time saving development platform

  • Many developers have already been a great fan of Xamarin as the platform makes it simple for developers to write the code using standard C# language of Windows. With Xamarin’s own application framework that is based on .Net, it’s really simple to deploy the code across multiple platforms. In the recent project, it has been estimated that it has saved almost 35% of the development time using Xamarin for iOS and Android apps.
  • RoboVM is also quite similar but it’s based on Java and Java framework. It is another powerhouse cross-platform language used by programmers to power web, Android and several other types of software.  So Xamarin currently has cross-platform offerings for two largest developer groups. According to some estimates, there are about 6 million C# developers and 9 million Java developers. This acquisition is double than the Xamarin’s developer foot print.

The Xamarin IDEs along with Xamarin insight analytics, crash reporting tools and Xamarin Test Cloud for automated testing is placing Xamarin in a position to be a one-stop solution for multi-platform mobile app developers. A part of the code-base which does everything right from making HTTP connections to drawing toolbars and buttons on the screen is the hardest part. 

With Apple’s Plan to open source Swift, it wasn’t mentioned whether they’d open source the iOS frameworks that the Swift relies upon. The same applies to Java as well. But Xamarin already has a cross-platform called Mono and now with RoboVM, it has another cross-platform framework to offer as well.  Swift might be a new language, but with Xamarin, we can say that Java is on its way to become universal language for cross-platform mobile app development.

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