Front-end Development

Front-end Development or client side development is a way to produce HTML, JavaScript and CSS for a website or an application, to make it easy for the users to interact with them directly.

At Fortune Innovations, we leverage the power of MEAN Stack to develop striking and high-performance websites, gaming portals, scalable APIs, social networking portals, video streaming platforms, web applications, and e-commerce stores. With solid expertise and high level understanding on the platform, we have carved a name for ourselves over few years in MEAN Stack development providing services to clients across Australia.

MEAN Stack refers to the collection of JavaScript based technologies that are used to develop swift, secure and robust web applications. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. These fast and super-efficient frameworks allow for rapid setup and deployment of websites, applications and APIs. With its wide range of features, MEAN stack helps you keep the apps structured while also providing great community support.

Components of MEAN Stack

  1. MongoDB: It is an open source NoSQL database that offers high performance, automatic scaling and high availability while also empowering businesses to be more agile and scalable.
  2. ExpressJS: ExpressJS is a flexible and lightweight NodeJS web application framework which lets you build single page, multipage and hybrid web applications by providing robust set of features.
  3. AngularJS: It is a structural open source framework used to create dynamic web applications. It helps you extend the HTML vocabulary while making the resultant easily readable.
  4. NodeJS: NodeJS is an open source JavaScript framework built on Google Chrome to develop high-quality, scalable and robust network applications.

Features of MEAN Stack:

  • Faster Development: MEAN Stack uses Model View Controller (MVC) architecture and it ensures faster application development and testing.
  • Compatibility: Applications built using MEAN runs on all major browsers and smartphones including iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Support: It is compatible with numerous community driven modules and open source packages.
  • High Performance: Websites and applications built using MEAN will be extremely fast (capable of handling high load), scalable, easy to deploy and maintain. They also ensure functionality and stability of the system while the traffic is rising up.
  • User Experience: With HTML being provided with data binding capability, the apps built using MEAN provide a rich experience to the user.
  • Cost-Effective: All the technologies in MEAN Stack are open sources, and hence they’re cost effective.

Being a renowned web development service provider in Sydney, Fortune Innovations offers top quality MEAN Stack development services to the clients spread across Australia. Our developers have several years of experience in JavaScript frameworks and are capable of providing you the desired results.


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