8 Easy Ways to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Website

Well, we all will have experienced the situation where we click on a website and it takes pretty long time to load. The result is so obvious that we will close the site and look for the one that loads faster. Speed of a website is important not just for the site owners but also the Internet users. Today, in the fast moving world, nobody has time to keep waiting for the site that takes forever to load. So it’s always the faster websites that make the users happy.

Here are 8 easy ways through which you can improve the speed of your WordPress site:

  1. Audit your plugins: Firstly you need to understand that the well-designed plugins on your site could affect your site speed; it adds hundreds of milliseconds to your site loading time. So you need to audit your plugins at least once in 4 months; you need to go through the list of plugins and check if there are any underperforming plugins or if any plugin is not being used.
  2. Shrink the images: Optimized images on your website can have a great impact on the page loading speed. You can make use of any image optimizing tools like Smush.it or any image editors like Photoshop to manually resize the images.
  3. Cache your stuff: Caching speeds up your site by enabling the server to send files to visitor’s computer as fast as possible. You can opt for any caching option. It’s definitely better than not caching at all.
  4. Get rid of junks: The junk files are yet another reason for your site taking too long to load. If you have lots of post drafts or edits, it eventually drags your site down as it forces the WordPress query to sort more and more post entries.
  5. Minify your code: The developers need to understand that browsers don’t really care how your code looks like. But every white space in your source code takes a little time to load into the visitor’s browser. So it’s advised to minify the code to speed up your site to certain extent. You can also use plugins like Better WordPress Minify to minify the code.
  6. Customize high traffic pages: Consider spending some time to find out the pages having high traffic and customizing them. Make sure that there are no unnecessary scripts running on those pages.
  7. Optimize your database: There are lots of tools like BackupBuddy to help you in optimizing the database to keep it running as smooth as possible. You need to remember that older WordPress sites accumulate junk like themes, old plugins, etc. Make sure that you clean all these junk out.
  8. Beware of external scripts: You need to be very careful while embedding any new video or a plugin as it could take a long time to load all the scripts. So it’s advised to consider if there are any other ways to accomplish the functionality without the need of loading external scripts.

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